Welcome to E6 Traffic School!

At Backaplan in Hisingen.

Why take your driving license B at E6 Traffic School?

Whatever you choose to spend your money on, it is important to get the best value for your invested money. We at E6 Traffic School believe that we are unbeatable in terms of delivering value to our students. In addition, we speak Swedish, English, Kurdish, Persian and Arabic!

We do everything we can to facilitate the way to your driving license by offering driving lessons at reasonable rates and providing you with knowledge that actually consists after your driving training is complete. Do not hesitate to contact us today!


Thorough walk throughs both theoretically and practically are a precondition for you to be able to feel confident with your knowledge for the rest of life. The pedagogy is always at the center of ours.


Our office is located right at Backaplan near the Swedish Transport Administration. From the stop Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen you reach us in two minutes. We therefore always start from city traffic and have both country roads and highways around the corner.


Compare us with any driving school and you will see that we have very favorable prices. Our different driving license packages are particularly advantageous.


We are very keen that you should feel safe and that we really are trying to help you on the best and quickest route to your long-awaited driving license.


Our driving instructors have extensive experience and we continuously retrain to always be able to deliver the best possible training for our students.


We adapt each training to your personal circumstances and previous experience of driving. We tailor the training to your requirements.

Congratulations students to the driving license!